Israeli born Dalia Rosenfeld has been an artist for many years. She lived and raised her family in the United States where she started drawing in her unique style of detailed dots and lines, using colored markers and pens. Hers is a natural talent which over the years, has been developed to perfection.

Dalia has exhibited her art extensively in the U.S. and in Israel and continues today to both sell her work and to create new pictures.

The above video provides an intimate look into Dalia’s creative process, and to the inspiration for her “Trees Grow in Brooklyn” series.

When Dalia’s son Oren was struck down with ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease) she frequently visited him in Brooklyn New York, sitting by his side and passing the time by drawing pictures of trees. Oren, who died in August of 2008 after battling his sickness for several years, was himself a gifted artist and photographer. After his passing, overcoming a deep sense of grief, Dalia continued in her creation of beautiful and unique representations of trees which she shares with you in memory of her beloved son, Oren Slor, outstanding artist, loving father and honored friend. He has inspired the birth of these trees reminding us that where there are trees there is life.

Dalia currently lives with husband Barry in the Galilee area of northern Israel and is the mother of five and grandmother of twelve.

Dalia Rosenfeld